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"Sharing our Testimony" 


We are pleased to share our testimonies provided through New Hope Now! 

May 2016 Tricia and Kori testimony

This Is My Testimony

by Tricia Devaux

2012  How I got started on this journey:  One Sunday a few years ago I visited a church and I met a nice lady named Mary. Mary had told me about a friend that was a single mom and desperately needed a car. Mary graciously took her to work and to shopping.  This young single mom could not accept many hours at work because she didn’t have the transportation.  She also told me of how car dealers and mechanics had ripped her off again and again.  This is so awful to steal from a single mom barely making it.  I prayed for this young lady that God would some how get a car for her.  I was led to save enough money to purchase her a car. It took me a while but I was able to save enough and with the help of Woodland Christian Center in finding her the right used car.  She was so happy to receive the car.  I have her picture still and it encourages me to keep going to help others. Matt 6:3,4.


New Hope Now continually feeds the homeless with gift cards for free meals.


06/2015  I met Melia T. through friend in ministry. She was struggling financially after job losses and health problems in her family and working double shifts to pay her back rent owed.  New Hope generously provided groceries and $500.00 toward her rent owed to help this single hard working young lady get back on her feet.


03/2015 New Hope donated and paid for the invitations for Garment of Praise an outreach to teenage foster children for a free makeover for prom night.


New Hope Now continually provides new clothing the special needs community when needed.

07/2016  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gift of love to us. It is helping more than you know.  We greatly appreciate you and we are thankful for your ministry at New Hope World.  It is a Blessing. Jose & Lisa S., Canadian Missionaries.

02/2017 New Hope Now is in the process of helping a domestic violence survivor and single mom get back on her feet by assisting with new furniture, new pots and pans, dishes, microwave, and small house hold appliances.  We are also providing assistance with utility bills.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.
















04/2018 I would like to take this time to thank all of our generous sponsors and those who have donated through the years.  We could not have achieved without your help and prayers.

We continue to help and serve one family at a time.  At New Hope Now we love to give and see the hope that it brings to individuals.

12/2017 I met Maria a single mom from Solano county  that  did not have a refrigerator.  New Hope Now provided a new refrigerator through generous donations. A special thanks to my friend Jerry from A+ Plumbing Co. who made this purchase possible through his generous donation.

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