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T-Shirt Fundraiser August 7th for "New Hope Now: Have a Heart"


T-Shirt Fundraiser August 7th for "New Hope Now: Have a Heart" @

"New Hope Now" is a non-profit organization offering assistance to  families and individuals will have a T-Shirt fundraising event. "Have a Heart” on August 7th through August 30. 


Purchase a T-shirt and you will feed a homeless person.  New Hope Now will use 100% of all proceeds to feed the homeless.  We simply purchase gift cards from local restaurants and give them to the homeless so they can enjoy a meal. T-shirts will ship directly to you after the T-shirt fundraiser has completed on August 30, 2019.

New Hope Now Is a non - profit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible! Bus. Lic. #4762

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Did you know  through your generous giving to "New Hope Now", 90% of all donations are used for charity.  


Invest in the lives of the people in your community.


Our Mission:  New Hope Now is a non-profit agency that's "soul" purpose is to help people feel the power of God's love through a non-judgmental helping hand when a person wanting a new start needs it the most.


Who we help:  People who are ready to start over. Specifically; new or displaced single parents, young adults aging out of the foster system, recovering addict, and someone getting out of the sex trafficking field.


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